Two local children hospitalized, little brother still on ventilator

Caleb Ramirez is 12. He’s a 6th grader at Mc Dowell Middle School. His older sister Natasha is 18, a senior at the Hondo High School. Both children have been hospitalized for close to two weeks, and while Natasha was released to go home, little brother remains in the ICU, with his mother, Elizabeth Campos, sitting right by her son’s side, just praying. And she humbly asks you to do the same…for her baby boy and for the other “children and babies” she has seen suffering from Covid-19 in the ICU.
“Caleb got worse about a week after he tested positive,” Mrs. Campos said. “On Wednesday, August 18, he was transferred here to Children’s Methodist Hospital. His oxygen levels were really low, and he also had Covid pneumonia. He also has a collapsed right lung with an air leak between the wall. He has two chest tubes on his right side and he’s currently on a ventilator.”
She is grateful that she has been allowed to stay by his side, but in order to do that, she cannot leave the room at all.
“I’m here with him at the hospital. We’re going on almost two weeks here, and on Friday he’ll be two weeks on the ventilator. I’m grateful to God that my daughter was well enough to be sent home after 11 days in the hospital,” she said, exhausted and faithfully continuing to pray. “Covid is no joke. Never in a million years did I think we would have to go through all this.”
“It has been an emotional roller coaster,” Mrs. Campos said. “I’ve been so afraid, but I’ve never let bad thoughts take over, because I know that God has a plan for my children.”

Caleb and Natasha.

She is thankful for those in the community who have helped her get through the darkest days.
“I have a church pastor and friends who call me and give me God’s everlasting light. I know God’s been by our side since day one. God’s the only way for everything,” Mrs. Campos said. “God is amazing. Seek him with all your heart and stay faithful and hopeful, and he will answer your prayers. He healed my daughter and took her home, and now we’re waiting patiently for him to do the same with my son. The devil is a liar and he will not tear this family apart.”
The family’s battle with Covid all started on August 11th.
“Caleb and my mom were Covid positive on August 11, and on August 13, my daughter tested positive for Covid. She was transferred to North East Methodist Hospital. She had Covid pneumonia and her oxygen levels were low and Caleb on August 18.”
She first took them to the local hospital and when doctors said her children needed to be transferred to San Antonio, she prayed it would be possible. Some in our community have waited for days for overcrowded SA hospitals to be able to accept transfers.
“I prayed for God to open the doors for my children to be transferred to get healed, and he did. God is good. For Natasha it took seven hours to find a transfer,” Mrs. Campos said.
For Caleb, who was more critical, dedicated nurses were able to find a transfer to a children’s ICU within 30 minutes thankfully.
With her daughter, a high school senior, she was not able to be with her when she was transferred to SA, which she described as “the worst feeling a mother can feel.”
“Not being able to be by her side was killing me inside,” she said.
Mom says Caleb loves to shoot his Red Ryder BB Gun when he can, and we know our community is hoping and praying he will be back at it, very soon!
“Love your kids endlessly because you never know what could happen,” Mrs. Campos said. When asked what others can do to help, she simply said “We need prayers. I just want my baby to get better and for him to not be on the ventilator.”
By Kayleen Holder