Two arrests, one property crime

It was another week in paradise with only 42 service calls. We didn’t have any big crime sprees or for that matter even any little ones. We completed filing several large cases so officers got freed up to patrol and work the streets a bit more. Officers conducted a total of 67 traffic stops, 52 of those stops resulted in citations and only 15 got a warning.
This past week included two arrests. One for a probation violation warrant (original charge possession of marijuana) and the other was a traffic stop in which Ofc. Guzman made an arrest for possession of marijuana. Did you realize that Lytle has some decent late night dining options if you get the “munchies”? I don’t think that is something that a chamber of commerce would promote but it is the truth. Just think if Lytle were in Colorado I wouldn’t have any arrests to report and I would most likely be the captain of the Lytle PD bobsledding team.
The only reported property crime occurred on Sunday at HEB Plus. A purse was left in a shopping basket and some fine person opted to take it instead of turning it in. I’m sure that if we find the suspect they will have some comment like “it was just left there.” Yeah, like it is okay because it was “abandoned.” I have heard that response too many times.