Top Secret pens and Ninjas

Well A’Dell anxiously awaited a trip to the school book fair ever since they first announced it, and we finally got her there last Thursday on the last day of the book fair thanks to cousins Matthew and Brittany. So much for books though, she has been much more entranced by the little “Top-Secret Spy pen” she bought at the book fair.
It has invisible ink, and a built in UV light that reveals the hidden messages you write. So you can write a message on your hand, and you can only see it when she shines the magic UV light on the end of the pen onto her message. I’m not sure exactly what “Spies” use their top-secret pens for, but most of the time A’Dell writes “I Love you” on your hand. Nevertheless, it is just so exciting when you shine that secret light on it. I have no doubt she will solve all kinds of cases around the house now that she is the proud owner of a Top-Secret Spy Pen.
My mom bought us a smoothie maker, which is basically a high-powered blender. It’s called a “Ninja” and I definitely understand why. It’s got a powerful kick…practically shakes the whole house when we put the fruit in the blender! It’s surprisingly fast and easy to use though, as long as you have a steady supply of fruit. I initially thought I would have to spend too long chopping up all the fruit in small pieces and that it would take forever to half-way blend it, but that Ninja means business. You hardly even have to pre-chop the fruit at all, and it’s smooth as can be in 10 seconds. The only catch is you have to warn your husband before you push the blend button, or he might fly out of his recliner. That thing is loud.
Man we’ve got it made, living the good life, with our robot Roomba vacuum cleaner named “Spiderman” and a blender named “Ninja”, AND a Top-Secret magic spy pen with invisible ink….what more could we ask for?