Twenty-six NHS students receive technology certificates

Natalia High School had 26 students, this 2017-2018 school year, travel to Region 20 Education Service Center, in San Antonio, to take technology industry certification exams. Eleven of the students successfully passed their tests and gained a total of 15 certifications. Testing successfully for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word 2016 Certification were seniors, Marianne Friedel Hughes, Dylan Modzelesky, and Andrew Walsh, sophomores, Jayden Garcia and Joseph Helton, and the freshmen Adrianna Calvillo, Isaac Rios, Isaiah Sanchez, Emily Shultz, and Persephone Walsh. After testing successfully in Word 2016, Emily Schulz, Joseph Helton and Persephone Walsh returned to complete the MOS Excel 2018 exam to gain a second certification. Sophomore, Victoria Martinez showed her passion for programming by successfully passing the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Programming in Python certification exam on her first attempt.
This was the first year for Natalia to have students complete these industry exams. It was a learning experience for teachers, Candace De Jesus and Herminia Saldivar, and their students. While the students were nervous to challenge the tests, they knew that if they put in some hard work there was a possibility for success. As pioneers, they have paved the way for themselves and future students to dream big and prepare for the high tech industry career path. All students who participated in the testing gained insight into the structure and content of the exams. They are now better equipped to complete additional certification exams in their remaining high school years. Natalia High School will continue to facilitate these learning pathways to better prepare their students for their future.