Truck stolen, recovered

Our officers handled 43 calls for service and conducted 76 traffic stops. Citations were issued on 60 of those stops while the remaining 16 were given either a verbal or written warning.
We only had one arrest this past week. Lt. Dear was called to assist some Bexar Co. Deputies near H.E.B. One of the involved persons had a theft warrant so he was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
One criminal mischief report was taken. A Bruce St. resident reported that her vehicle was “spray painted” and two tires were “slashed”.
We had two reported thefts this past week and they were related. Somebody stole a 1993 Chevy P/U from a residence on Blume Dr. The theft occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 29. This happened to be my neighbor that lives across the street. I was working when I got the call, you know crime hits close to home when my kids were outside and helping me look for evidence! We located a pink woman’s bike dumped behind another neighbor’s house so I guess our suspect rode it there and dumped it when he didn’t need it anymore. We discovered that this was the bicycle that was reported stolen from a residence on Adams St. earlier in the week. So our thief graduated from stealing a bike to stealing a pick-up truck. The vehicle was recovered in the Castroville area 24 hours later in unknown condition.
Last Friday we had lunch at the police station to honor the retirement of Ofc J.W. Petrash. He completed over 40 years of service, the last 8 of them with us. Residents are telling me they are going to have to start locking their doors at night now that J.W. has retired. I’m not sure if they feel less safe or they are afraid he is going to break in their house now that he has more time. I guess time will tell.