Rise and shine

My first baby is growing up way too fast, and I know someday soon, I won’t be able to share all her antics with everyone without her getting mad at me, so it’s a good thing I have a new baby now to write about as he grows up. But she’s not THAT old yet, so I still have to share this story. I want you to know that I am literally typing this with one hand, because baby Tucker needs to be held right NOW, so forgive me if you find more typos than usual!
I stopped in at Haby’s Bakery a couple weeks ago (something I don’t do nearly enough), and came home with all sorts of treats including a giant sugar cookie decorated like an ice cream cone. It was loaded with sugar. When A’Dell got home from school, she took one look at that cookie and her eyes looked big as could be.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed, bouncing up and down like our hardwood floors were a springy trampoline. “It has lots of sugar so it’ll give me more energy!”
Oh….great, I thought; it doesn’t look like she has enough already. She proceeded to tell me I couldn’t steal any of her sugary cookie (like she needed all the energy she could get)!
She’s not even tired in the mornings. A couple nights ago she looked up at me and asked, “Mom when you wake me up in the morning, can you say “Rise and Shine!”? She sure cracks me up. I imagine the reason she can rise and shine so easily and bounce up and down so high (even before she eats a sugar cookie) is because she can fall asleep so fast at night. When she says “goodnight” she sure means it. She closes her eyes and poof, she’s drooling sleepy.
Mommy on the other hand, has a hard time with the rise and shine thing, especially since baby Tucker has decided to “rise and shine” so often, when the sun ain’t shining. We did 3 AM and 4:30 AM and 6 AM last night/morning and one night last week too, so it’s been more like “rise and try to keep your eyes open” for me.
On top of taking care of a newborn, we ended up with 2 liters of puppies to give away too. I was so tired this Saturday that I accidentally (and lovingly) said “okay, come here puppy” as I picked up crying baby Tucker to feed him.
A’Dell looked at me with the funniest expression on her face and said “Whoa mom, you must be really tired, cause you just called the baby a puppy.”
I got a kick out of the way she quickly questioned my sanity, so in my delirium I defended myself accordingly. “Well, the baby is kind of like a puppy. Puppies are baby dogs.” Shortly after that she started offering to help out her poor old mamma.
So there you have it……rise and shine OR just rise and keep your eyes open! Whatever you can manage! No one can blame us; after all, we’re not young puppies anymore!