Truck busts through wall of apartment

A truck driven by a drunk driver crashed through a ground-floor apartment in the complex located on Hwy. 132 across from Tractor Supply.

A resident at a local apartment complex got a rude awakening as a vehicle came busting through the wall of his bedroom late Saturday night, July 14. The scary incident happened just before midnight at the apartments located on Hwy 132 in Devine (across from Tractor Supply).

No one inside the apartment was injured in the accident.

“The truck crashed through the wall of an apartment and actually touched the bed where people were inside sleeping,” said Devine PD Lieutenant Chris Andrews. “The driver was arrested and charged with DWI.”
Devine Fire was also on scene helping to stabilize the second floor of the building above the accident.

The Devine VFD was able to stabilize the second floor of the building using two metal rescue jacks and a number of cinder blocks that were on scene.

“We evacuated the room on the second floor above it, and used two rescue jacks to stabilize the wall. We rebuilt the corner of the apartment to help hold the second floor using cinder blocks that the owner had on the property for another project. Once everyone was evacuated from that side, we had the wrecker tie onto the vehicle and pull it out. From what I understand, the driver just cut the corner way too short as he was trying to go around the apartments, hitting the corner of the building,” said Fire Chief Mike Walker.
The residents were not injured in the accident.