Calame Custom Firearms offers gun sales, firearm repair

Owner Sherman Calame recently celebrated six months in business. Calame offers dozens of rifles, handguns, ammo, and hunting gear.

Calame Custom Firearms is a full service gun shop in downtown Devine. You’ll find new and used guns for sale, ammo, and other hunting accessories.
Calame Custom Firearms buys, sells, and trades guns so you never know what you’re going to find at this little gun shop! In fact, right now, he has some really rare guns that were brought in recently.
“A local gun collector recently brought in over two dozen guns to put on consignment! There’s too many to name them all, come on in and browse through some of these rare guns!” said owner Sherman Calame.
“I’ve had some really cool guns come through here like a really old Springfield 1903 rifle, a Desert Eagle 50AE handgun made in Israel…that thing was like a hand cannon. I’ve also had a Lee Infield rifle made in India, and a few Winchester 94’s that were over 40 years old. Being in small town, I get a lot of old guns you don’t see any more. Just about every week, I have customers trade-in some really cool, old guns. Over half of my inventory are used guns that are hard to find anywhere else.”

In addition to guns, ammo, and gear for sale, Calame also offers firearm repair and customization.

Firearm Repair & Restoration
Calame also offers gun smithing, firearm repair, and firearm restoration as well.
“All too often you see a gun that has been in the family for decades, but it’s now sitting there broken collecting dust. Here at CCF we love old broken guns. We love the character and the stories that go along with them,” said Calame. “An old .22 your dad or granddad gave you means a lot to you, and we love that about guns. Bring your old busted guns in and we’ll do our best to repair and restore them to their former glory so that the traditions and stories can be passed on for many more generations to come!”
Have a rifle with a beat up or flimsy stock? You can get a custom stock made at Calame Custom Firearms.
Hog Hunts/ Removal
Also ask about hog removal services offered, and guided hunts. “We have permission to hunt on 25,000+ acres of land all across South Texas. We use dogs and knives to take down one of the most aggressive and destructive game animals in Texas,” Calame said.
CHL Classes
License To Carry classes are also hosted at the shop located at 209 South Teel Drive, Suite #1 by the DPS station. Call 830-931-7370 for more info. Calame Custom Firearms is a veteran-owned business.