Tourniquet saves child’s life in rollover ATV accident; benefit planned

Medina Valley High School student Kylie Knowles was involved in a horrible rollover ATV accident on May 6th, and is undergoing multiple surgeries. They are praying for a miracle, hoping to be able to save her foot, but doctors have stated there is a high chance that amputation will be necessary.  She is expected to spend between 3-6 weeks in the hospital.

“She was riding in a two-seater Ranger ATV and they were coming around a corner that had gravel and concrete…they said they hit a bump and it threw it up on 3 wheels and the driver just overcorrected and it rolled,” said Kylie’s mom Karissa Barta. “It landed on her foot, and her boyfriend lifted the ATV off of her within seconds, somehow, and that’s when we saw how bad the injury really was. They were going so slow, we think that’s why she just stuck her foot out past the roll cage, otherwise she wouldn’t have had so much time to react.”

“University Trauma Center said this was one of the top five most gruesome injuries they have ever seen. Her foot was literally hanging on by part of an artery and a couple tendons,” Barta said.

“At the trauma center they said if we hadn’t acted as fast as we did putting a tourniquet on it, she wouldn’t have made it to the hospital. She would have lost too much blood otherwise. My husband and her boyfriend used a belt to put a tourniquet on Kylie’s thigh, and it saved her life. He tightened as much as she could stand, and then released it, and then tightened it again until the paramedics arrived. Thanks to that quick action, she lost very little blood while we were waiting for the ambulance, which arrived very quickly within 7 minutes. Then they took her by helicopter and had her to the hospital within 15 minutes of leaving our house. If it wasn’t for those quick responses, Kylie might not be here today.”

Kylie suffered the horrific break to her right foot, is missing parts of the bone, torn muscles, torn ligaments, and severed arteries, along with needing skin and tissue grafts in hopes to reconstruct her foot.

“She has a 12 hour surgery on Friday, a five hour surgery on Wednesday, and 24 hours later another surgery. She will have multiple surgeries throughout the year,” Barta stated,

“She just got out of another surgery today and they gave us two options–either a metal rod that would replace the chunk of bone that’s gone, or halos on the outside of her leg. Even after 10 months, there is a chance that they will still need to amputate. Her leg will never be the same, and she was a runner and basketball player, and they have said she will probably never run again,” Barta said.

This beautiful Medina County girl, Kylie Knowles, will face many challenges in the coming weeks and months with many, many surgeries. 14-year-old Kylie ran track and played basketball at Medina Valley HS before the accident this May. She will celebrate her birthday in the hospital soon. Please see the article below on ways you can participate in the upcoming benefit as well as helping make her birthday special.

Here’s how you can help…

Buy tickets for online benefit; drawing will be live-streamed June 14

Friends and family are hosting a live streamed benefit for the family during this difficult time, selling tickets to a drawing with lots of great prizes.

The Fundraiser for Kylie Knowles/Barta Family, of Lytle, will help the family with unexpected medical expenses, and travel to and from the University Hospital.

“We currently have over 30 awesome items donated and are collecting more daily. We have lots of gift cards that range from $50-$150 including Visa gift cards, HEB gift cards, a Dinner for Two at a local restaurant, photography sessions, an ice chest, custom tumblers, and many different baskets of items like Scentsy, Essential oils, a Hair care basket from a local salon,” Garza said.

Tickets for the fundraiser drawing are $5 each or 5 for $20. Cash & paypal is accepted. To purchase tickets or make a donation, please contact Kristen Garza at 210-551-6418 or

“We can mail you the tickets, or we can just send you a picture of your ticket via text or email,” Graza said.

The drawing will be held on Facebook Live on June 14. You do NOT need to be present to win. Organizers will contact you via text/call.

Kylie attends Medina Valley High School where she played basketball, ran track, and was involved in FFA.

“She has a long, and hard road to recovery….we need prayers for a miracle,” Barta said.

To Send Kylie a Birthday Gift…

Kylie will celebrate her 15th birthday in the hospital on May 28th, and so you may also want to send her a card or gift to cheer her up.

Some gift ideas….gifts can be mailed or sent to her at University Hospital addressed to Kylie Knowles. Kylie loves to read (crime/mystery and romance), listen to music, comedy movies (she can watch DVDs on her laptop computer in the hospital). She also loves animals, show pigs, and wants to be a veterinarian or FBI agent when she grows up.

If you want to mail donations or gifts, you can address them to her mother, Karissa Barta, PO Box 313, LaCoste, TX 78039.

Kylie is the daughter of Karissa and Newton Barta, of Lytle, and Ben Knowles of Houston.

By Kayleen Holder


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