Another week of routine police work, if there is such a thing. Officers filed 40 cases with the municipal court, speeding tickets accounted for half of the violations this past week.
We had two financial crimes reported; a fellow passed a couple fake checks at O’Reilly’s and a Cedar Park, TX resident reported someone used his debit card in Lytle without his knowledge.
We had a property crime too, an unknown person took the water meter from the apartment construction site on Lytle-Somerset St. Yep, took it right of the ground. This is the first time I recall us having a water meter theft. Last week it was building material at that location and this week it was a water meter, I sure hope somebody is not planning on building an apartment complex “one piece at a time” like the old Johnny Cash song talks about.
Now for the “Crime of the Week”: Officers investigated a theft at Subway, and fortunately they were able to file charges on a female that slipped in a couple of times and filled her drink cup without paying. So for all those naysayers who claim we never solve any crimes I guess an apology is in order.
Anticipation is growing for our annual National Night Out event that we will be having at the Gidley House Town Square (Next to Lytle Fire Station #1). It will be Tuesday, Oct. 3 and will run from 6 PM – 8 PM. We weren’t able to get any celebrities or famous musicians to appear but feel free to “Photoshop” them into your pictures. I’m also happy to report that I have talked to my contact at the Lytle Fire Dept. and they have agreed to again clean their restrooms prior to our event.