Lowest budget deficit in years

Sandy and I took off last week on a 1200+ mile round trip to Ruidoso, NM. With all that’s going on nowadays, two wheeled therapy does a lot towards prioritizing and deleting some of the clutter accumulated in the mind. And, the climate was definitely cooler. On September 24th last year, we had 28.9 inches of rain total for the year. This year on September 25th, we have accumulated only 16 inches. Some of you folks ain’t prayin’. Leave us hope for a wet winter that is cold enough to kill some of these bugs.
The Budget was passed this last Monday and the Tax Rate was approved. The Tax Rate will remain the same but, due to the increase in our tax base (new construction, businesses, etc.) and an increase in property evaluations, we will see an increase in funds, an increase in expenses and your tax bill (mine too) will go up as a result of these increased evaluations.
The Budget includes a $31,851 deficit (the lowest in years) but, this can be offset with a little conservative spending. I could probly cover that by watching our expenses in Pct 4 so, we should be very well off by the end of next fiscal year and our reserve funds will be at a level where we can budget a REAL tax decrease.
I’m still working on the speed limit situation out on 173 from CR 5710 to Francisco Creek. Don’t think I will get any help outta the Transportation Commission but, still gonna try.
Have heard rumblings about a subdivision coming into Devine City limits. This can be a good thing and I hope the City residents educate themselves on this and make sure that this will be a positive thing for Devine.
We had enough material left over from previous projects to do one more small paving job out on a portion of CR 7718. Now there are only 2 dirt roads left in Pct 4…and they’re short ones. Ted Outlaw uses them both extensively and no, we are not picking on you or leaving you out…just the way it happened.
The Rockport/Aransas Pass area is still in shambles. Folks down there still need help other than bottled water. If you can spare the time, put a chain saw in the truck and take a friend down to that area. Andi Hearn outta Hondo is spearheading this type of effort in the Refugio area and would sure welcome more assistance. If you wanna go get involved, lemme know and I’ll send your information to her.
Only 89 days till Christmas…Saw my first Christmas themed commercial the other day, dang people can’t even wait for Thanksgiving to come and go. Had a rant about the NFL millionaires and the media but, KK won’t print them kinda words. Pray for rain, just not in Houston.