Three vacant officer positions

We had a slow and wet week. Officers handled 47 calls for service and conducted 31 traffic stops. This week it was almost a tie between warnings and citations but the citations pulled ahead with a 17 to 14 victory.
Nobody reported any property crimes to us this week. I know somebody must have stolen something in town this past week, I always recommend reporting even the small thefts so we can keep an idea on what is going on around town. We don’t limit taking theft reports from just the victim either, if the thief wants to self-report a crime he or she committed we will accept that too.
We didn’t take anybody to jail either. Oh well, I guess that’s not a bad thing. I’m not so naive that I think throwing somebody in jail for a day or two is going to fix a lot of problems. Don’t get me wrong, some people need to go jail and we won’t hesitate to help them meet that need. Some people we arrest see jail as like an all bills paid vacation, I’m not kidding either.
We have three vacant full-time police officer positions and we will start taking applications this week. This is the first time we have advertised in almost 6 years. I came up with a great recruiting slogan “Be one of the few and the proud that work for Chief Richey Priest.” I bet that will bring them running to join our team.
This Friday night is a special one for sure. It’s time for the Legacy Bowl, the much anticipated Lytle vs. Natalia rivalry game. The game will be played in Natalia, which by the way has won the last three games. I was reminded that it was back in 1996 when, because of the intense rivalry and some possible criminal acts, the venue for the game was changed. It was held during the day at Medina Valley HS and only the parents were allowed to attend. I was a reserve deputy sheriff in Medina Co. at the time and was one of the many officers present. We might have even outnumbered the spectators. My how things have changed, now we get along a lot better. When the Natalia Post Office was destroyed by fire their residents chose Lytle to have their mail delivered to, not Devine. Well maybe the Postal Service made that decision……With so many Natalia residents picking up their mail every day in Lytle we ought to make them honorary Lytle Pirates.