Three property crimes, two arrests

Lytle PD officers handled 54 calls for service last week. We took three reports of property crimes and hauled two people off to jail. Now for the details:
Crime #1: A 6’X6’ section of iron fence was taken from FM 463. The recent flooding may have caused it to become detached. Of course, a section of fence near the side of the road is “fair game” for a crook, so I am sure the thief already has sold it for scrap. Crime #2: A resident of Diaz St. reported a very old small metal windmill was taken from their property. It was somewhat of a family heirloom, so the dollar amount isn’t really the issue. Sadly, I would say the thief most likely scrapped it along with a lot of other metal stuff that they “took without the owner’s permission”. Heck, it might even be the same person that got the fence section! We have all been there, somebody is slowly driving by your house …. both the driver and passenger just staring away at anything in the yard, garage or front porch. Usually, they are in a SUV or a pickup because most the stuff they want to steal won’t fit in a car. Now sometimes they are in a car, because they are just getting their “stealing business” started and haven’t been able to get a larger “work” vehicle yet. Crime #3 (sort of): H.E.B. reported a suspect most likely made off with some small items, he departed prior to the arrival of the officer.
A traffic stop on Saturday by Ofc. D. Lopez (assisted by Lt. Dear) resulted in two arrests. The driver and passenger were charged with possession of meth with intent to deliver as well as a couple other drug charges, they had a little heroin as well. Your typical operation, they had some little baggies to put the dope in and a scale to weigh it with. Who calibrates all those little scales that people use to peddle their dope? I certainly wouldn’t trust one, most of them we see are banging around in a floorboard of a car that looks like somebody lives in it. Maybe that would be a good retirement job for me, I could advertise online and maybe set up at a flea market. I could be “Mr. Calibration”. Maybe even expand and offer franchises.
Now for some positive news …. Reports are coming in that we will have a fireworks show at the John Lott Park on Sept. 11! This will be in addition to a full day of events. I will push out more details when we have them.