The wrapping paper giggles

While my sister opened her birthday presents a couple weeks ago we noticed baby Tucker starting to chuckle. Before long, he had busted out into full out baby laughter that went on and on and on with an occasional shriek at each tear of the wrapping paper. Of course his big sister A’Dell fueled the fire, grabbing pieces of wrapping paper off the floor and ripping them into smaller and smaller pieces to elicit more laughs. It was so funny, because he just never got bored of the sound of ripping wrapping paper.
He had the wrapping paper giggles, and soon enough, all the rest of us did too.
I don’t know if I’ll ever unwrap another present without remembering Tucker’s 15 minute crack-up session that night. Baby laughs are really something else. All of the moms and dads and grandparents and aunts and uncles stop and listen to the sound of the baby laughing. I don’t know if it’s just because we sometimes have to work so hard to get to see those sweet little smiles and laughs or if it just the pure joy you hear in that giggle.
Well when we got home today A’Dell accidentally stepped on a little baby toy which let out a big squeak. I didn’t even know that toy squeaked, but Tucker let out a huge laugh when he heard it, so I got to listen to the squeak sound many, many more times before the sun set. He laughed and laughed. By the time his big sissy finally got tired of squeaking the toy, I found myself laughing at it too.
It’s so funny to see something so simple elicit such whole-hearted laughter from Baby Tucker. Makes you wonder, what the heck is he thinking about? Whatever it is, I wish I could laugh like that with all my heart and soul. How sweet the sound.
I can’t wait to see what Baby Tucker thinks of Christmas morning when everyone’s opening tons of gifts.