The Muffin Men

I can hear him now…”Mom, I am so hungry for muffins.” My son Tucker, now 3 years old, has a new found love of blueberry muffins, and it’s intense. He loves to cook them and he loves to eat them. Every day he is begging to bake more muffins, and I start singing the muffin man song, much to his dismay. I guess I’m not a very good singer or he didn’t think a muffin man sounded very cool.
Of course, he likes to add some odd and extra ingredients which I allow for the smiles…after all, he is the one who is going to eat them. Sometimes it’s sprinkles of each and every color, sometimes it’s a little salt.
Like I said though, he isn’t usually impressed by my song about the muffin man. But this Saturday, he coerced daddy into baking muffins with him. When I asked if they were the Muffin Men, he got quite excited and got into the spirit. “Yeah dad! We are the Muffin Men!”
Mmmm…alarms going off, and they sure smell good. And I didn’t even have to bake them. It’s sure nice to have Muffin Men around.