The Moon and Back

Tucker woke up with a colorful thought this morning.
“Mom, if you can get me and my cousins to the moon, we are gonna kick the alien’s butts!”
I don’t know if he was having one heck of a dream or what, but this is one guy who doesn’t “come in peace” I guess. Life is always exciting with Tucker and he sure enjoys his “cousins.” Everywhere we go, he tells all the other kids he’s playing with about his cousins.
He hit some big milestones this week. Best of all, he spontaneously decided to clean his room by his own free will, while I was cleaning the kitchen. I was so impressed! Number two, he volunteered to give me a foot massage yesterday. I don’t even know how to say how much I love that!
He’s obviously not a big fan of aliens, but he sure does love his mommy.
I love that kid–to the moon and back!