The Jumping Sailor

My 4-year-old son is jumping on his indoor trampoline while watching TV, wearing a white sailor’s cap and a dinosaur back pack, and two un-matching shoes. Yes, these are the good days, and I hope I can always remember what his cute little face looks like right now at this second, even though he won’t let me take a picture. He couldn’t look cuter.
And yes, that’s right, I have an indoor trampoline. I am glad I do, because it certainly gives him an outlet for the massive amount of energy he has. I only wish I had energy to jump on the trampoline with him. I’d be in good shape if I did!
We had a wedding shower for the beautiful bride of one of my little cousins, Richie, whom I will always remember as a 3 year old, blonde headed sweet toddler. I babysat him all the time, and every time I see the 6 ft tall guy he is, it freaks me out. I think that’s a sign that I’m getting old. Before the shower, I interviewed the bride and wrote their love story. Then at the shower, each guest illustrated one of the scenes from their love story. The happy couple, Richie and Sabrina, met and fell in love at the Quihi Dance Hall. It was a lot of fun reading their love story, and I think my aunts and cousins all had a surprisingly good time sitting down and using crayons again as they drew the pictures! It is pretty fun after all.
Turns out that coloring pictures is a good alternative to feel young again, and it’s a lot easier than dressing up in sailor hats and dinosaur backpacks and jumping endlessly on a trampoline!