The Christmas concert angel and the bouncy, busy baby

We enjoyed A’Dell’s Christmas Concert last night. She’s been really looking forward to it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been reminded that “the Christmas Concert is December 10 at 6 o clock, but we need to be there at 5:45 mom…okay mom? okay?”
“Yes, A’Dell, I remember,” I replied with a smile.
And dang it if we weren’t 5 minutes late (not late for the concert), but we were only 10 minutes early instead of 15 minutes early, and I thought A’Dell was going to have a panic attack as she counted down the minutes until we arrived. Poor thing. But all turned out okay. She was all dressed up in a red sparkly dress with two little bows on top of her head. She looked just like a little Christmas angel up there singing.
Baby Tucker enjoyed the concert too, but he wasn’t quite as poised as sissy. He came in with one sock on and one sock off, and twice as much energy as a baby needs.
There was standing room only for parents who were only 10 minutes early, but thankfully, a kind soul let me sit down with the baby. Too bad the baby never sits. I was sitting, and the baby was jump, jump, jumping up and down on my lap to the melody of “Hip Hop Elf” and all the other Christmas tunes.
We were all in pretty close quarters due to the great turn out, so when baby Tucker got a little bored of pulling my hair, he was tugging on people’s shirts beside us, and batting at the back of the lady’s hair in front of us too. Of course every time the baby tugged on her hair from behind or shrieked with laughter he was rewarded with knowing smiles as they turned around to see his sweet face.
I’m used to Tucker dropping his baby cheetos down my shirt and pulling my shirt off my shoulder while he pulls out my hair, but he was after everyone last night. They were all within striking distance. As we went down the stairs in a crowded line, he reached over and pulled the shirt off another lady’s shoulder.
“It’s okay,” she said smiling, “I have kids too!”
The principal Mr. Martin talked briefly about what a wonderful community we have that packs the gym for the 3rd grade Christmas Concert, and that’s absolutely true. It’s a beautiful thing, to live in a community where we pack the gym for kid’s events and don’t have to feel too bad when your baby pulls the hair of the lady in front of you between songs cause they just turn around and smile! I love Devine!