The Best Medicine





I’ve heard many times that “laughter is the best medicine.” After a long day at work, my daughter and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some supper, and as usual, she grabbed a candy bar and threw it up on the check-out counter very fast and sneakily. Not only does she throw it on the check-out counter, but she places right up front as the checker starts checking, hoping that the checker will scan it faster than I can grab it. Most of the time, I am too tired to discuss the 99 cent candy anyway, but she doesn’t want to risk it I guess. I can remember making this mad dash as a kid, so I get a kick out of it.
Anyway, after we loaded up the groceries and started the drive home, she looked at me with a cunning smile as if I didn’t know she purchased a candy, and she said, “Hershey’s chocolate is my medicine, mom.”
It was completely out of the blue, and she’s not even sick, so I tried to keep a straight face and I asked: “Oh really, medicine for what?”
“For my cough,” she answered.
She didn’t even blink an eye, and sounded so sure of it I might have believed her if it wasn’t Hershey’s chocolate we were talking about. Maybe what she meant to say is “Hershey’s chocolate is the best medicine,” because you see, then it would make sense!


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