Terrazas State powerlifting stats

Maybe it’s old age. Maybe the seasonal allergies prevent me from seeing everything clearly. Maybe it is having too many listings under my name on my email signature line. Maybe it’s…ah, it could be a number of things, actually.
I made a huge mistake in last week’s recap on sophomore Devine Arabian powerlifter Aaliyah Terrazas. I incorrectly stated she “Bombed Out” at State but it was quite the opposite. My apologies, Aaliyah!
Aaliyah bumped herself all the way up to seventh in state in her weight division with impressive lifts in Squat (225), Bench (105), and Dead Lift (240) for a total of 610 pounds.
“Although I was a little nervous before the meet, it was a great experience that I can use to build on for next season,” stated Aaliyah.
Final 105lb weight class standings: 1st-Aaliyah Garcia-Crystal City-340-170-320-830; 2nd-Blaine Gluck-Stephenville-280-135-300-715; 3rd-Tatiana Contreras-Springtown-285-135-285-705; 4th-Alamar Garcia-Pearsall-285-135-255-675; 5th-Yaira Velez-Rio Hondo-265-165-245-675; 7th-Aaliyah Terrazas-Devine-225-105-240-610; 8th-Caitln Coleman-Springtown-255-105-245-605; 9th-Guadalupe Gobellan-Hillsboro-225-125-250-600; 10th-Caitlyn Thrasher-Bandera-240-110-240-590; 11th-Kyndall Moffett-Livingston-220-130-230-580; 12th-Leyla Stallings-Andrews-195-130-230-555.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer