Team Tennis run ends at Regional Quarterfinals

In an amazing fall tennis season, the Devine Team Tennis ended their play off run against Boerne on Tuesday. Boerne beat Pleasanton (10-0) and Needville (19-0) to face Devine in the Regional Quarterfinals. Boerne has moved on to beat Calallen (11-8) to face Wimberly in the Regional Finals.
Devine put up a good fight in every game but could not win and fell 2-17.
“We had a great season, it is just a tough way to lose,” Coach Mark Feltner said. “I am super proud of the constant effort my team had all year long.”
Johnathon Gelinas/Corwin Flores loss 1-6,0-6. Aidan Hildenbrand/Juan Lopez loss 1-6,2-6. Victor Schaefer/Lennon Herring loss 3-6,0-6. Bruke Runyan/Karma Herring loss 6-1,6-7,6-10. Laurel Spannagel/Cameron English loss 6-4,2-6,3-10. Danelly Rodriguez/Kelsey Dishman loss 3-6,1-6. Brian Schaefer/Kylee Saunders loss 4-6,5-7. Johnathon Gelinas loss 1-6,1-6. Brian Schaefer won 1-6,6-4,11-9. Juan Lopez loss 2-6,0-6. Aidan Hildenbrand loss 2-6,0-6. Lennon Herring loss 3-6,4-6. Victor Schaefer loss 2-6,4-6. Brooke Runyan won 6-1,6-0. Laurel Spannagel loss 6-4,4-6,4-10. Cameron English loss 1-6,2-6. Karma Herring loss 2-6,2-6. Danelly Rodriguez loss 0-6,5-7. Kelsey Dishman loss 5-7,4-6. JoJo Villanueva 5-8.
The athletes will be back in the spring for individual tennis competition.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer

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