Team Tennis dominates Somerset

Devine Team Tennis won its first district match-up against Somerset. They won all 19 matches to give them a great start in their district play. The team has “playoffs” on their minds hoping to sweep district in order to return to the Regional Tournament again this year.
“I’d like to thank all the parents, students and ex-players who came to support us Saturday. We appreciate those of you that braved the heat and chose to come cheer us on.”
Arabian Singles: Lindsey Spannagel vs. J. Valdez (6-3,6-0);Preslee Quisenberry vs. K.Aguilar (6-1,6-2);Chloe Serafin vs. L.Jacoby (6-0,6-1);Lydia Zapata vs. R.Garcia (6-0,6-0);Scarlette Smith vs. D.Garza (6-0,6-0);Malvin Flores vs. A.Gamez(6-0,6-0)
Arabian Doubles: Spannagel/Quisenberry vs. Valdez/Aguilar (6-1,6-2); Zapata/ Smith vs. Jacoby/Garcia(6-1,6-0);Serafin/Flores vs. Garza/Gamez (6-0,6-0)
Warhorse Singles: Ralph Rios vs. L.Aranda (6-1,6-2); Jake Harrell vs. J. Gonzales (6-0,6-0); Toby Ramos vs. T. Trevino (6-1,6-0); Mason Zenon vs. C.Mendez (6-0,6-0); Caeden Alvarez vs. R.Garcia (6-1,3-6(10-8)); Denton Zuercher vs. J.Garza (6-0,6-2)
Warhorse Doubles: T.Ramos/J.Harrell vs. L.Aranda/T.Trevino (6-0,6-0); R.Rios/D.Zuercher vs. J.Gonzales/T.Garcia (6-2,6-0); C.Brown/J.Barron vs. C.Mendez/J.Garza (6-0,6-1)
Mixed Doubles : Amy Bailey/Caeden Alvarez had a default score since Somerset was short players.
Next matches will be Sept 30th in Uvalde, Oct 4th in Devine against Pleasanton, and Oct 9th in Devine against Beeville. Playoffs begin October 19th.