Team Tennis 18-1 after great start in Uvalde

Eagle Pass Winn 8/14/18
Devine started their day beating Eagle Pass Winn, 18-1.
Arabian Tennis
Arabian Doubles: Preslee Quisenberry/Brooke Runyan, Caitlyn Breiten/Amy Bailey, Bella Elias/JoJo Villanueva won all 3 matches.
Arabian Singles: Brooke Runyan, Preslee Quisenberry, Bella Elias, JoJo Villanueva, Amy Bailey, Karma Herring, also won their matches, adding 6 more points.
Warhorse Tennis
Warhorse Doubles: teams added 3 more wins to the team total: Jake Harrell/Ralph Rios, Jacob Barron/Aidan Hildebrand, Mason Zenon/ Brian Schaefer .
Warhorse singles players: Jake Harrell, Ralph Rios, Toby Ramos, Caeden Alvarez, Mason Zenon, Denton Zuercher, won 5/6 matches.
Toby Ramos & Scarlett Smith paired up to win their Mixed Doubles match.
This was a great way to start the season, 18-1.
Uvalde 8/14/18
After a quick break, the Warhorses and Arabians took on the Uvalde Coyotes. Uvalde’s players proved to be a little tougher opponent, winning 13-6.
Arabians doubles team Preslee Quisenberry & Brooke Runyan won their match, then went back out on the court and won their singles matches as well. Bella Elias also won a very tough singles match, giving the Arabians 4 wins.
After losing their doubles matches, Warhorses Jake Harrell & Ralph Rios beat their opponents in singles, giving Devine 6 wins.
I am very proud of the effort and competitive attitude the kids showed today. Overcoming the extremely hot conditions was a battle in itself. They fought hard and never gave up.
Floresville 8/18/18
Devine Team Tennis Lost a Tough one to the Tigers of Floresville.
We were missing 3 of the top 6 Arabians Saturday, making it very hard to compete. However, the Arabians ended up with 3 wins. Scarlett Smith/Preslee Quisenberry won their doubles match and their singles matches.
Warhorses doubles teams, Ralph Rios/Jake Harrell and Mason Zenon/Denton Zuercher won their matches. Unfortunately, these were the only matches the Warhorses won against the Tigers.
We did not end up with scores I was hoping for, but Floresville is a well-coached and experienced team. Our kids got a lot of playing time and valuable experience, which made it a productive day. We are improving with every match.
Next up
Devine’s Team Tennis will play in Pleasanton, Wednesday, Aug 22nd.
By Melanie Sostarich
DHS Tennis Coach