Teachers rally to help Ricky get a new hip, local custodian touched by community’s kindness

Ricardo “Ricky” Campa is a Devine native, and graduated from DHS with the class of 1987.

By Kayleen Holder
Ricky Campa is a custodian at Devine Intermediate School, and friends are hosting a fundraiser to help Campa get a hip replacement. Juan Ricardo “Ricky” Campa is a Devine native and graduated from DHS with the class of 1987. Anyone who would like to help out can donate online or by mail.
“Every day, Ricky arrives at work to sweep and mop the floors, clean the toilets, wipe down tables and take out the trash for the students and staff. When the custodian staff is shorthanded, not only does he tend to his own responsibilities, but he also helps fill in for the ones who are missing,” Mrs. Farrah Schueling said, a teacher at Devine Middle School who met Ricky while he filled in for another custodian at the Intermediate last year.
“Despite the daunting workload, Ricky tends to it with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. Aside from his limp, you would never know that Ricky is in pain. For 3 ½ years, Ricky has been burdened with pain in his hip. Doctors have said that Ricky will need a full hip replacement surgery to relieve his pain,” Mrs. Schueling said.
“Ricky is a humble faith-filled man who would never ask for financial help from anyone. Please donate to show your love and support for Ricky,” she adds. “Your donation will help pay for his surgery and any expenses that occur while he recovers.”
In response to the fundraiser, Campa was very touched.
“I was so surprised when they told me about what Mrs. Schueling was doing. Nobody has ever done anything like that for me. I want to thank her and everyone involved. My right hip has been bone on bone for a long time, but I just keep on going. I have worked all my life, for years as a carpenter and now as a custodian. The thought of a fundraiser never crossed my mind,” Mr. Campa said.
“There are still a lot of caring people out there, and it’s a blessing from God that somebody would go out of their way to help me,” Mr. Campa said.
You can donate using the go fund me that can be found on Mrs. Farrah Schueling’s facebook page, or you can mail a donation to Mr. Juan Ricardo “Ricky” Campa at 207 Crouch in Devine, TX 78016.