Teachers, families work hard to adjust to virtual classrooms amidst pandemic

As many already know, on Monday, March 23, instructional materials were made available to Devine ISD students via Google Classroom.

One of our local principals, Brenda Gardner stated, “I want you to know that if you have never thanked a teacher, do so now. They are true heroes. The Ciavarra ES staff, and all other staffs across the nation, has been amazing. Since Wednesday, they have conquered Google Classroom and the concept of online learning. We really never thought we would have to do this at an elementary school. They went from 0 to 100 in 48 hours. We cried, laughed and prayed! We will make mistakes–forgive us and be patient! We’ve got this!”

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Intermediate Principal Blain Martin adds, “I assure you that there were tears shed in classrooms across this campus this week while teachers were preparing lessons. Teachers wish that your child could be in the classroom with them, but they understand that during these times everyone has to work to keep all people healthy and safe.  If the need arises, reach out to your child’s teacher according to the individual classroom procedures…. The Devine community is so amazing. I spoke with many parents this week and everyone is so positive about the situation that we are going through. I am thankful for the understanding and the level of appreciation that they all have for Devine Schools and Devine teachers. I hope that everyone is safe and remains healthy!”

If your student does not have internet access at home, paper packets may be pick-up on Monday. There is no need to complete both online and paper assignments

Ciavarra Elementary

We will have student packets ready for you to pick up Monday, March 23. You may pick up packets from 8:30-10 a.m. Pick-up locations will be the normal pick-up spots: Prek in the Prek parking area; all kinder and Mrs. Alison Brown, Ms. Shelton, Mrs. Applewhite, Mrs. Gough in the circle in the back parking lot; all second grade and Mrs. Megan Martinez, Mrs. Vinton, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Blanton in circle by the cafeteria. You do not have to get out of your car. A teacher will bring the packet to you. Patience will be appreciated.

Devine Intermediate   

We will have paper packets for those who do not have access to technology available for pick-up on Monday, March 23 from 7:30 – 8:30 at the DSAC.

Devine Middle School

Packet pick-up for middle school kids is on Monday, March 23, 7:30-11:30 in front of the middle school. We will get packets out to you. You won’t have to come in. You will need to fill out a short form so we will know what electives you have. Remember packets are only for those without internet access. Everyone however can get an ELAR textbook.

Devine High School

High school students needing packets can pick them up on March 23 from 8:00 – 9:30 at the high school bus circle.

Meals to Go

Devine ISD will continue its curbside meals for students at no cost. Starting March 24, you will no longer need to come to the school twice to pick up breakfast and lunch.  We will expand our lunchtime pick up from 10:30-12:30. At this time, you will be able to pick up the current day lunch as well as breakfast for the next day. We will still have breakfast pick-up on Monday, March 23.

If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom, contact your child’s teacher, the campus office, or our technology department at tech-dept@devineisd.org.

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