Teachers excited about new outdoor classroom project

The Devine Intermediate is in the planning stages of a special project for students. They will be hosting a meeting for parents and community members who are interested in discussing and helping with the creation of an “Outdoor Classroom.”
There is a meeting planned for September 17 at 10:30 AM at the Parent Place and another planned for that same evening at 6:00 PM in the Intermediate gym.
“The PTO has designated money to be used on this project at the Intermediate campus. An outdoor classroom is something I have always wanted since I began teaching,” said Principal Blain Martin, who also taught for many years. “I would take my classes out and sit on the steps at the end of the building or go find a picnic table. But, while the kids and I enjoyed going out, it was hard to have a lesson with nothing to write on or project on. Teachers are super excited about going through with the plans. All of the teachers take their classes out on occasion, and still will, but this will give them a place that I hope will have access to an LCD projector or a black or white board.”
“I want this to be a true project that parents, teachers and community have input in,” Martin adds. “I don’t want it to be about what I think it should be. All grade levels on this campus would certainly have access to it, and if there was an opening, I would hope that elementary would bring over their classes too. I think that would create a positive experience for those students so that when they did move over here they are already comfortable. I know that some teachers will use it more than others. There will be a procedure for reserving the classroom and a calendar kept so that everyone could see when it is available.”