Tax rate hearing Sept. 20

Been a wet September…newsflash right? We got right at 18.6 inches of rain out near the outskirts of the Black Creek metropolis since the first of September and still got half a month to go. Sposed to dry out for a couple of days and more is expected.
With the rain comes problems. Potholes appear, trees fall and water over the road causes closures. Some of these problems cannot be fixed immediately so, bear with us and dodge the potholes and trees for a while and don’t take the chance of going through water that is over the road. We are cleaning up and getting ready for the next wave (pun intended). If you have a problem that we don’t know about, give Gracie Martinez a call in the office and we will get to it.
There is a reason that there is a sign in the middle of the road and just because you can drive around it does not transfer blame for the consequences of your actions. The sign may say “Water On Road” or “Road Closed” but, apply a little common sense and don’t end up like one motorist who had to leave his/her vehicle in several feet of water and walk home.
I could rant about the generation of kids that are being raised and are being taught that they are not responsible for their actions because anything bad that happens to them or because of them, is someone else’s fault….but I won’t. The grass and weeds have grown at a rapid rate with this rain and when the right of ways dry a little, we will be able to put a tractor and shredder on them to get the sides of the roads cleaned up. Again, bear with us.
Coming up on the end of the Fiscal Year and found out that we are about a million dollars to the good on our expenditures for FY 17-18 and will be able to add this figure to our Reserve funds. Not too many Counties statewide that can brag about being able to do this. The thanks should be directed to all the Department Heads.
We had our first Public Hearing on the Tax Rate and no one showed up to discuss or complain or compliment us on leaving it at the same rate as last year. You will have one more opportunity to vent about this on September 20th at 6 PM at the Courthouse in Hondo or just call Judge Schuchart.
The Masonic Lodge provided lunch for First Responders last week on September 11 at Charlie’s as a show of appreciation. Many thanks to Rogene and Charlie Cupp for allowing us to do this. We (Lodge) provided the clean up and refills and had 32 First Responders turn out. There would have been more but, there was one local Agency that was conspicuous by their absence and another did not get to make it.
I would say keep praying for rain but, hold off a little…saw Ted Outlaw gathering lumber for a boat. Only 98 days till Christmas Murdock!