Sweat Equity

I recently wrote a Tale about going down to the Home Place and shooting a rifle given to me for Christmas when I was 11 years old. Part of that same day included some labor, sowing Bermuda Grass seed and fertilizer on recently cleared land as part of a project that included cleaning out an old tank that had become badly silted up.
The net result is a nice picnic spot with the planned placement of a new table or two between 2 big old Live Oak Trees sitting close to the freshly dug water hole. In my old Brain, I can see some fun times out there, enjoying the setting with the predominantly SE breeze blowing across the body of water that hopefully will be supplied soon by rainfall and drainage flow.
While that good creek bottom land is very fertile and no doubt will become green fast with native growth, I wanted to “help” Mother Nature along by spreading the grass seed and high Nitrogen fertilizer mix to ‘pretty it up” some.
It did not take too long during that effort to get well warmed up in the high humidity & 90 plus degree day. I mentioned how tiring the effort was to the Boss Lady upon returning home and she referenced that most anybody, but a Stubborn Old Fool would realize it was NOT smart to be doing that kind of work on such a warm day.
While I reckon that is likely pretty close to the Gospel Truth, I must admit it sure did feel good to think MAYBE, I was helping create a setting that will be enjoyed, Lord Willing, for a long time to come by our Friends and Family. With that mindset and a look toward the future, it was not much of a price to pay by investing some Sweat Equity in the endeavor. I think with just one more day of similar effort, the work will be done with an eye toward a multi-generational improvement being put into place.
And that strikes me as a Real Good Deal!