SWAT team enters home to capture subject after 5-hour standoff

According to DPS, the suspect allegedly head-butted a State Trooper who was attempting to make an arrest before fleeing and breaking into a nearby home.

On Friday, December 8, around 1:30 PM – Lytle PD officers were among many others who responded to a call for assistance by DPS who was in pursuit of a suspect. They were called to the scene of a standoff along IH 35 near the intersection of Luckey Rd. just north of Lytle. Officers assisted in securing the scene until additional units from BCSO and DPS arrived. A DPS helicopter also assisted.
After a long standoff lasting approximately five hours, the SWAT team was forced to enter the house, and they apprehended the suspect.
The pursuit reportedly started with a traffic stop, before the suspect assaulted the officer and took off on foot, breaking into a home at Luckey Road just north of Lytle.
According to DPS, “The male subject was stopped by a Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper for a traffic violation on IH-35 south near Luckey Road and was found to have outstanding warrants. While attempting to arrest him, he assaulted the trooper (by head-butting him) then ran to a nearby home where he broke in and barricaded himself inside. The homeowners weren’t home at the time.”
“Bexar County Sheriff’s Office deputies (BCSO), BCSO SWAT, DPS-Highway Patrol, and Texas Rangers collaborated efforts to bring the subject out peacefully,” DPS said. “When he refused to come out, BCSO SWAT entered the home and took him into custody. The man was taken to the San Antonio Magistrate’s Office for processing and faces charges of assault on a public servant, evading arrest and burglary of a habitation.”
“There were police cars everywhere along the access road in front of that home on Luckey Rd., at least 20-25 units, and you could see their guns drawn,” said a passerby.