Summer of Swim Suits

Well summer’s almost over….We’ll soon be back to “A’Dell find your maroon shirt, and put your shoes on!” And “Mom, I can’t find any socks!” at 6:30 am. My eight-year old fashion show princess has really been enjoying her right to exercise free-style dressing lately, and I’ve been enjoying the entertaining show.
Lately, she has been running around the house nearly every day wearing swim suits. She likes to do fashion shows and change clothes a lot so I rarely question why she’s wearing what she’s wearing, whether it’s one of my huge coats and a scarf when it’s 100 degrees outside, or her daddy’s boots, or my high heels and a princess dress, or whatever. But I’d say she’s been wearing one of her many swim suits about 90% of the time these past few weeks. She’s also been doing a lot of cart wheels and flips and gymnastics on the front lawn and on the couch anytime I turn my head the other way. She gets into position to flip off the couch and then she calls to me, “Mom, look at me!” By then it’s too late to stop her.
Anyway, as far as the swim suits of many colors go, I thought maybe she was just dreaming about swimming, and wearing it just in case a swim-ortunity arose suddenly. I didn’t want her to start begging me to go to SeaWorld or something so I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut.
So I usually just chuckle and call her silly, but last week she literally got out of bed and put on her swim suit first thing in the morning. I was having my coffee and she was eating breakfast in a swim suit, and we had no plans to go anywhere, so I just had to ask, “A’Dell why are you wearing a swim suit? Why do you wear swim suits every day? Are you hoping we are going swimming or something?”
She replied, “No silly, swim suits are just kind of like gymnastics outfits.”
Ohhhhhhh! I get it! Silly me! Long story short, if you feel like doing cart wheels or taking up gymnastics anytime soon just throw on your swim suit and go for it!