City of Lytle hiring Animal Control Director

Another week of light activity and I’m not complaining. We had a total of 36 calls for service, which is one of the lowest weekly call volumes I can recall. Officers conducted 24 traffic stops. With 15 of those stops resulting in citations and the remaining nine were warnings.
We only had one arrest, Ofc. Lopez conducted a traffic stop and the passenger had an active felony drug warrant out of Bexar Co. We only had one property crime. It appeared someone attempted to steal a Ford F250 from the used car lot at Priest Blvd and Main St. The steering column was damaged. You know it’s a slow week when a highlight of police activity is Capt. Reyes performing three vehicle unlocks in one day.
Here is a story with a good ending. We had a careless fellow leave his wallet on the top of his vehicle after he filled up with gas at H.E.B. He drove off and the wallet was lost. Like most people he had his wallet filled with everything he could put in there. We looked around but couldn’t find it. He was contacted on Facebook by the person who found his wallet and he was able to recover it. Nothing was missing and the good person wouldn’t even accept a reward. This is a good reminder that most people are fair and honest. While I wasn’t involved in the recovery I will still be crediting myself for the positive outcome.
The City of Lytle is accepting applications for Director of Animal Control, I like the title Chief Dog Catcher but that doesn’t really describe the job well. This is a full-time position. Applications can be picked up at City Hall and will be accepted through August 31. If you love animals and you always wanted to be a fellow department head alongside me this is a great opportunity.
If you have travelled up N. Prairie St. you have most likely seen our new radar speed trailer. It collects data on vehicle speed and date and time. It doesn’t record your license plate or issue tickets by mail. The idea is to gain compliance with our speed limits. Now if you caught yourself speeding and feel guilty I guess you can stop by the municipal court and see if they will accept a payment.
I did a radio interview for K-LOVE and it will air in a few weeks. I really like doing radio interviews because I am told I seem taller and thinner on the radio.