Speed limits to be lowered to 25 mph on some streets in Lytle

The City of Lytle lowered the speed limit to 25 MPH on several streets in an effort to help reroute traffic and slow down speeders to keep citizens safe. They adopted an ordinance to lower to 25 MPH on Diaz Street, Lytle-Somerset Street, N. Benton Street, N. Prairie Street and Somerset Street (North and South). They will be enforcing the new speed limit and start handing out tickets as soon as the signs are up. The speed limit on most of the other city streets currently is 30 MPH.
New kennels on way, rest donated to Natalia
“The new kennels are on the way”, said Lytle Animal Care and Control Director Santiago Morantez. “If it is okay with the council we would like to donate the old kennels to the City of Natalia when we get the new ones.”
Council approved of the donation as it is from one public entity to another so that is okay.
They had 131 service calls during June. 18 volunteer hours were logged by 6 people. 22 animals were transferred to rescue places. 65 animals were taken in.
Tree Trimming
70 properties were found to need tree trimming due to low lying limbs on roadways. The property owners will be given letters notifying them of the issue and the opportunity to trim the trees or the city would have to.

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Signatures on Bank Accounts
Discussion covered the various bank accounts contracts that the City of Lytle has with Lytle State Bank and the need to update current signatures, who is allowed to sign on the accounts, at least signatures on all accounts as well as a corporate authorization resolution.
Rubber Signature Stamp
The council discussed the options for storing and usage of rubber stamps. Attorney Cate was directed to finalize the policy with the suggestions made including adding a log sheet and instructions on how and when to use the stamp, which would stay with the stamp.
City Secretary Report
Josie Campos, City Secretary had some updates on her report and slide show presentation to the council as follow:
Lytle collected $10,900.37 of current taxes in June.
This amount was $8,352.44 more than the June, 2020 total.
The FY total at the end of June was $739,950.49, which is 97.36% of what we budgeted and $49,776.41 less than the June, 2020 total.
We collected $314.25 of delinquent taxes in June, which is $33.14 less than last June. The fiscal year total at the end of June was $9,886.17, which is 82.38% of what we budgeted and $1,878.44 more than last June’s total.
Our hot pink notices haven’t been sent to delinquent taxpayers yet. I hope to work on them next week. This notice tells them that they are on the city’s delinquent tax roll, and asks them to pay their taxes, so their names will not appear in the paper. This should help collections before the fiscal year end.
The total occupancy taxes collected in June was $7,029.84. The FY total at the end of June was $71,711.55, which is just $0.63 less than we collected last June. This total is 102.02 % of what we budgeted.
The June allocation totaled $105,555.93, which is $59,948.18 more than last June, but this was due to the final payment for last year’s overpayment. The FY total at the end of June was $1,013,966.65, which is 76.53% of what we budgeted, and is $434,258.48 more than the June, 2020 total. Even taking the $354,399.27 overpayment in account, we are over by nearly $80,000.00.
We received $113,757.24 in sales tax this month. This total is $2,983.21 more than last July. The FY total is now at $1,127,723.89, which is 85.11% of what we budgeted.
I feel this item will be able to be amended by at least $45,000.00.
We pumped 44.24 acre feet of water from the Edwards Aquifer last month, which was 3.77 acre feet less than last June’s amount
The calendar year total at the end of June was 254.31 acre feet, which is 14.93 acre feet more than last June’s calendar year total.
The rains have kept us from going into stage 1 again. We came very close to stage 1 being declared a 2nd time, when we got the rain over the past 2 weeks.

Auditors were in office again this month and are trying to get the 2018-2019 audit ready.
They will be back soon to finish gathering info for the 2019-2020 audit.
The engineer met with us on June 30th and reviewed the plans for the last phase of the well #4 project. We are currently waiting for TCEQ to approve these plans before letting bids.
We are still waiting for AT & T to install the new phone and internet system.
They were scheduled for July 5th, but there were some problems. I haven’t heard when they will be trying it again.
As discussed at the last meeting, the impact fee public hearing will be held at the 2nd august meeting.
OCT., 2019: AUDIT 2018-2019 Auditors Were Here July 14 & 15.
OCT., 2020: AUDIT 2019-2020 Auditors are working on this, too and will be setting up some visits.
We are still seeing an average of 8 to 9 people show up on recycling days.
I completed on-line courses last month, and got my tax collector license renewed.
I have ordered some pens and power banks for the school teachers for their welcome back luncheon.
We did not have any applicants for the utility bill payments, so the $10,000.00 council allocated will be put towards the water well, as discussed.
By Kathleen Calame