Some locals who recently traveled choosing to self-quarantine

The Devine News as well as the Medina County Health Department is aware of local families who have chosen to self-isolate or self-quarantine due to recent travel, even though it’s not mandated for most travelers.
“I do know some people that have self quarantined, and it was an individual decision to do,” stated Patricia Mechler, Medina County Health Unit.
One school district employee from a local school told us she is voluntarily stepping up and choosing to self-quarantine. She spoke to us about why she decided to take the precaution after returning from a trip to Louisiana which at that time had 91 presumptive cases of Corona Virus and 2 deaths as of this Sunday. Before she left the state, she noted that Louisiana ordered all schools to be closed for a month across the state there.
The local resident who wishes not to be identified, stated, “I went to Louisiana and to the casino…After speaking with our superintendent, we decided it would be better if I self quarantine, as I do not want to risk going to work tomorrow and maybe passing something. You’re in contact with so many people it’s better to be safe than sorry. I have checked my temperature since Friday, and nothing, so I appear to be fine. But it is better to be safe than sorry. My parents will drop stuff for me on the porch, so I will be fine. The scary thing is I know at least five other people who went on that same trip who have returned to the greater SA area—also teachers—who are choosing not to self-quarantine.”
While the State and CDC has so far only requiring self-quarantine for individuals who have traveled out of the country to high risk areas, we do appreciate locals who are taking these extra precautions to protect our community.

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