Sole arrest a “triple play”

Greetings from Lytle PD! A team of professionals dedicated to not only serving and protecting this community but also doing our part to ensure the success of the restaurants and donut shops. So what have we been up to this past week? Looks like our officers conducted 47 traffic stops, of those 26 resulted in citations being issued and 21 were either issued a verbal or written warning. With only 36 service calls generated the call volume was on the lower end. I guess this was due in part to the freezing weather we encountered, fortunately we didn’t have any weather related motor vehicle accidents.
The only arrest this past week was a warrant service Lt. Dear got off of a traffic stop. The fellow had three warrants, one from Bexar Co., one from Frio Co. and one from the State Parole Board. Good job Matt on your “triple play.”
Not a single theft or burglary reported; all the crooks must be recovering from the busy holiday season. We did take a couple debit card abuse/identity theft reports but none of the offenses occurred in our jurisdiction.
It was a nice week around the office to catch up on paperwork and stay warm. I made a lot of progress on several projects and did some organizing and planning. On the home front the dishwasher “gave out” and I was invited to assist my wife during the selection process for a replacement dishwasher. Gone are the days of just getting a dishwasher, way too many options for me…..The sales people make you feel like you are buying your dream vacation home on Lake Tahoe and I’m thinking it’s a dishwasher! Oh yeah and for 15 bucks they will haul off the old one but you have to sign something saying you won’t leave your old dirty dishes in it! Who would do that?