Guess who

I’ve been having a hard time drinking enough water, and pregnant ladies are supposed to drink lots of it, so I’ve been trying really hard not to get dehydrated. I don’t know why, but I just never seem to get thirsty, so I have to force myself to drink water. During the holidays I asked my daughter to keep reminding me to drink water, so I did pretty good that week. She loves any opportunity to boss mommy around I think. Having her there to bring me a cup of water so I don’t have to get my pregnant butt up helps me to drink more too. That works out for both of us, as she loves to play “waitress.”
But ever since my little boss and water waitress went back to school, I’ve had a harder time remembering to drink enough and have gotten a little dehydrated. This morning it was so sweet, as she was leaving for school she got a cup of ice water and brought it to me without me even asking for it. She even put a straw in it for me like I like. She is such a sweetie pie. I didn’t want to drink that water, but I drank every bit of it per Dr. Delly Doodles orders!
While she loves playing waitress, she also has a new game that’s by far, her favorite. Every day, she corners me or dad or grandpa on the couch, and boldy announces, “Okay, we’re going to play a game.” She wants to tell us the rules every time, but we know all about this game. It’s called the “guessing game.” She thinks of animal and gives us clues until we guess what animal it is. And then it’s the next person’s turn, over and over.
She sure loves guessing games. And she sure knows the names of some crazy animals we’ve never heard of from watching those dang educational TV shows on KLRN.
Last night she put a new twist into the game, and started giving us a penny every time we guessed one right. I think I made three cents.
She sure is full of energy and she sure does like doing a whole lot of the same monotonous games, but the smile and excitement on her face when we agree to play is worth it. Plus, I can sit in the recliner the whole time I play it, and hey, you never know I might get rich with all those pennies.