Soft chocolate

My mom took my daughter to the dentist last week, so I could go to my doctor appointment which was at the same time. She had to get a cap on a cavity. So today (about 3 days later) I found a large package of snack-size Reese’s chocolates hidden on top of my fridge, and I asked A’Dell where they came from. She quickly replied, “Grandma got them for me,” which was no surprise.
“When did she get them?” I asked.
I nearly choked at her answer and subsequent explanation. She quickly and matter-of-factly explained, “Grandma got them for me after we went to the dentist….I needed soft foods to eat, mom.”
Well, duh! Anyone who gets a cavity filled or covered with a cap needs soft foods like chocolate during the recovery process! Why didn’t I think of that!? Oh I just laughed and laughed. I’m still laughing. It’s very Grandma Calame-like! In fact it’s very Grandma Kitty DuBose-like too, and that’s mom’s mom so it all makes sense. Someday soon (but not too soon) I’ll be taking my grandchildren to buy chocolate on the way home from dentist appointments.
Not only did she get these soothing “soft chocolates,” but grandma also bought her grand-princess just about every kind of soft food they sell at the grocery stores these days (at least the ones that taste good), so A’Dell is stocked up real good…..grandma-took-her-grocery-shopping-good!
You’ll never have to feel guilty about eating chocolate again, as long as you’ve got a good excuse like this one! Just make sure it’s a “soft” chocolate!
Publisher’s Note: It’s a handed down family cure/recipe/tradition?… My Grandpa CP DuBose’s cure for anytime I was sick was a big ‘ole Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, the really big ones, and 2 Cokes (in the old glass bottles). We shared the chocolate bar and enjoyed our Cokes and it always made me feel so much better, just saying. I’m sure the best part was the visit from Grandpa, but that chocolate and Coke surely had something to do with it too! And A’Dell magically felt better too after that soft chocolate I promise, really.