62 service calls

Last week was another busy one around here. Our officers handled 62 calls for service and conducted 42 traffic stops. Citations were the big winner last week with 30, warnings trailed behind with only 12.
It started out as a mostly slow week in regard to property crimes. The old Tri-County Dialysis building had 3 AC units taken; the officer taking the report was told it could have happened anytime in the last several months.
Then a little crime spree hit Lake Shore Estates, a crook found 4 unlocked vehicles and helped himself to the contents. Homeowner video showed a fifth location where the suspect attempted to gain access to a vehicle but departed when he realized it was locked. This lazy crook had a simple plan: he walked around checking to see if vehicle doors are locked. If they were locked he moved on, if unlocked he went shopping. Hopefully with the compiling of homeowner video we can catch this guy.
We hosted our annual National Night Out event last week and it was our largest one yet! The Lytle VFW cooked up 320 hotdogs and their Auxiliary served them up…..but we ran out. So an emergency trip to Little Caesars for 15 large pizzas put us back in the saddle. The National Honor Society served up the drinks and cookies for us too. I estimate that we had 400-600 people visit us that night. We provided snow cones, 262 of them in two hours to be exact. In all there were about 17 different organizations present, which included 5 public safety agencies. H.E.B. sweetened the pot with some great door prizes; we had about a dozen attendees that went home with some good stuff. Since most of the activities were inside we didn’t have to fight the mosquitoes or the chance of rain. We are already planning to make the event next year even better. It’s true, people in Lytle love air conditioning and a free hotdog. Our city logo could be a window AC unit with a hotdog sitting on it.
Allergies are doing a number on me; hopefully I’ll be back full force next week.