In the week ending July 9, 2023, Lytle P.D. officers handled 56 calls for service and conducted 95 traffic stops. Of those 95 stops, 73 resulted in a citation and 22 were warnings. This doesn’t even come close to describing everything we did, but it is the best “snapshot” I can come up with.
Officers took three reports of property crimes. #1 – Officers took a report of a damaged city-owned manhole and cover. The damage occurred during the construction on IH-35 @ FM 3175. #2 – Big Tex Trailer (IH-35 Access Rd.). The officer on patrol arrested three people for stealing tires and wheels (more details below). #3 – H.E.B. Plus reported a theft, and the suspect was cited (more details below).
Officers also took a report of debit card abuse. The card was taken from the victim, who lives outside the city, and was used numerous times in our jurisdiction. Surprisingly, we haven’t had a lot of these lately.
L.P.D. officers made five arrests last week. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 were from the same incident. Ofc. Roger Garcia was on patrol (just after midnight) and checked the Big Tex Trailer sales and located a suspicious vehicle parked in the back, next to the fence. Upon further investigation, and listening to a bunch of lies, he found the truck bed loaded with new tires and rims. Three suspects were arrested for theft, and their vehicle was impounded, and one of the suspects also picked up a felony dope charge. All three were booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. Sgt. Hanson assisted him. That was first-class police work! Excellent job Roger! I wish your mother would have had triplets…I would have hired all three of you. Arrests #4 – Ofc. J. Cortez conducted a traffic stop on Main St. for no vehicle registration and determined the driver had a felony drug warrant out of Medina Co. He was booked into the Hondo Hilton. Arrest #5 – A suspect was cited for theft (class C) and released at the H.E.B. Plus. He almost got away with fajitas, cream cheese poppers, and beer…. instead, he took home a citation. Just reading the report and looking at the evidence pictures makes me hungry.
Please remember that the FM 3175 lanes under I-35 will be closed effective 12 July and should re-open on Monday, August 7th. All this means is that you will need to detour up to the FM 2790 underpass, the one by Lytle State Bank/H.E.B. The access roads should both be two-way, so it shouldn’t be too complicated. This one-way road stuff has been driving me crazy.
The 4th of July event at John Lott Park was another success! There were lots of people and it looked like the food trucks were busy. I had a pepperoni and mushroom pizza that hit the spot. I saw a lot of kids with baseball gloves, baseballs, and soccer balls, having a fun time and getting in some physical activity. I sat in my patrol truck with the AC on and watched them while I ate my pizza. Lots of people of all ages were hanging out and having fun. It would have been the perfect backdrop to film a mustard or ketchup commercial.
When I am at these events, I don’t take a lot of pictures; I am laser-focused on the safety of the event and eating. Our mayor, Ruben Gonzalez is the picture guy…. check out his Facebook page.