Small pharmacy offers free prescription deliveries, friendly service

What a great service to our community! Spread the word! Pictured at God’s Country Pharmacy are Sandy Duran-Pharmacy Tech, Alexis Spengler-Marketing Director, Jessica Herring-Pharmacist, PharmD, RPh, and Donna Schumacher.

If you are missing our small town pharmacies that served us so well for so many years, we have good news for you! There is small pharmacy in downtown Hondo that offers Free delivery of prescriptions to Devine, Natalia, Lytle, Hondo, and Sabinal areas. God’s Country Pharmacy will bring your prescriptions right to your home for free.
“If you are sick or have an injury, the last thing you want to do is go to the store,” said marketing director Alexis Spengler. “We try to make is as easy as we can for the customer. We have a drive-thru window, and we also do home deliveries or we can even deliver to the office where you work if that’s easier for you. We just want to provide the best customer service we can, so we are offering free delivery as well, and we know that the more customers we have in outlying areas like yours, the more cost effective it will become.”
It all started when the local Life Check pharmacy in Hondo was bought out by a chain store, and a local business man decided to open his own independent small pharmacy with a new twist to customer service–free deliveries to the greater area. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s simply their way of competing with the many large big box stores that have replaced so many hometown pharmacies.
“If you have a prescription for antibiotics or something urgent, we can deliver it to your home that same day,” said Sandy Duran, Pharmacy Tech. To be on the safe side, the pharmacy suggests turning in your prescription before 2 pm (only weekdays) for same-day service if you have something you need urgently. “If it’s not urgent, and simply a refill for example, we will make every reasonable effort to get it to you on our next trip to your community. Recently, we have been making about 3 deliveries per week in the Devine area. We can also deliver any other items you might need from our store.”
Donna Schumacher does the deliveries for the store, and Pharmacist Jessica Herring fills the scripts. Herring, who has plenty of ties to the Devine area (Mr. Mike Herring’s daughter-in-law), truly appreciates the opportunity to work for a small independent pharmacy.
“The nice thing about a smaller pharmacy is I have time to talk to my customers and counsel them on prescriptions. We are on a first name basis with most of our customers. You are not just a number to us,” Herring said. “I have worked for the big chain pharmacies before and it’s so different because the focus there is not customer service–it’s numbers. There is just no way I would have been able to spend 10 minutes talking to customers when I worked at those large chain stores. So I was so excited to get the opportunity to work here at a small independent pharmacy.”
Even if you receive your prescription by delivery, Mrs. Herring will be happy to talk to you about your prescription by phone.
So if you are in need of elderly care items like incontinence supplies, or even medical equipment like wheel chairs, walkers and electric lift beds, you can have that delivered to you with your prescriptions as well.
The God’s Country Pharmacy is located at 1703 19th Street in Hondo, and their phone number is 830-426-5000. They are open Monday-Friday 9-6 and Saturday 9-1.