Slow days

We had a few slow days, so our total calls for service last week came in at only 43. We took advantage of this and were able to catch up on cases and now only have 5 open investigations. In comparison, we can routinely have as many as 20 open cases.
Only one arrest this past week. Ofc. A. Lopez stopped a fellow on Main St. for speeding. It was discovered that the driver had a felony warrant out of Florida. Miami-Dade County said they would extradite. He was booked into the Atascosa County Jail and will be awaiting his all-expenses-paid trip to Miami.
Officers took reports of three property crimes: #1 – A handful of fake $50 bills were passed at the Dollar General Store; the case is under investigation. #2 – Approx. $230 worth of lumber was taken from a construction site in the 20000 Blk. of Huckleberry. This location is in the new Saddle Ridge development and will be forever remembered as our first crime report out there. #3 – Theft at H.E.B. Plus, a suspect made off with 2 flower vases valued at $80. It boggles my mind, all the wonderful stuff up there and some crook picks flower vases. If it was me, I would have made off with one of those big shrimp cocktail party trays.
Officers conducted a couple of traffic escorts for the school. On Saturday morning, the band headed off to Beeville for the area competition. They left at 6:20 AM! The amazing part was that there must have been 100 people on Main St. to help send them off. That’s no easy task for such an early event. On Sunday morning we were at it again. The Cross-Country team was headed off to compete, luckily, they didn’t leave until 8:30 AM. They too had a big turnout.
The houses are going up quickly in the new Saddle Ridge subdivision, nothing like we have ever seen around here. We have even had a couple of people call about the neighborhood and ask about crime statistics on some of the specific new streets. They seem impressed with the lack of criminal activity and our great crime-fighting skills until we explain to them that up until about 3 months ago there was nothing but sand and mesquite trees out there.