Sleepover party

Well we had my daughters big sleepover party this weekend, and we certainly had a house-full of 10 little girls ranging from 3 to 9. Their pitch is high and their shrieks are aplenty. They had it made in the shade with a waterslide and a jumping castle to boot. I figured I’d need lots of outside activities to get them good and worn out for the sleepover. I don’t know why I thought I could wear them out! We also got a little kit with small geodes, so they each got to crack a geode open and collect the crystals inside of the rocks.
After dark, they came inside and tried out all the new gifts, followed by them doing their hair and makeup with way too much bright pink lipstick and purple eye shadow. Then came the “Fashion Show,” for which they must have used every single dress in the house. They tried them all on and paraded shyly down the hall. Every once in a while, they’d send a hyper messenger running down the hallway to inform all the adults that “The Fashion Show is starting! The Fashion Show is starting!”
Kids of that age seem to have an endless supply of energy. They went full speed all afternoon. Each of them must have slid down the waterslide and jumped in the jumping castle a hundred times a piece, and yet, the last kids standing stayed up ’til about 1:30 am watching movies. You think they’d be tired next morning? Think again! They were up bright and early at 7 am, and bouncing up and down too.
So, we painted nails, cracked open some more geodes, and they even did each other’s hair and makeup again. We were having a “fashion show” by 8 am.
I was deliriously tired by the morning, but those kids sure know how to pack in a lot of fun in a little time. I remember how fun sleepover parties were when my cousins and I used to get together.
You don’t hear this too often, but — Thank goodness for teenagers! My little sister and teenage cousin are talented hair braiders, hair stylists and somehow managed to keep the loads of makeup on the kid’s faces (saving my walls), and are good about finding movies that the kids like and staying up with them ’til the wee morning hours watching movies. I don’t know if I could handle a big sleepover without “the teenagers” as the little girls called them repeatedly.
Of course, when it comes to the morning routine, they aren’t as on top of it. Many times, the little girls, turned on the lights in the bedroom and attempted to sneak a peek of the sleeping teenagers. So I drank many multiple cups of coffee and that got me through the morning fashion show.