An interesting week

I have some police activity to report; it appears my idea that I eliminated crime was simply not true. In all we had 52 calls for police service and officers filed 71 charges with the municipal court. We had an interesting week with a decent number of arrests. Only two property crimes were reported this past week and both resulted in the suspects being arrested. The first one was a shoplifter at Bealls, a female exited the store with about $250 worth of shoes & clothes in her purse (There were two pair of shoes so either she had small feet or a real big purse). She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. The second incident occurred at a residence on Blume Dr. A homeowner located a suspicious person lurking around their residence in broad daylight. The cops were called and we were able to determine the fellow had stolen a concrete bird bath valued at around $60. He had it loaded up in the back of his pickup. We had him unload it and he was cited for theft and released. I forgot how heavy those things are, way more effort than it’s worth. I told him he should have some kind of back support on. I guess our suspect didn’t attend the Crooks Convention in Vegas, or if he did he missed out on the breakout session titled “Preventing Back Injuries During the Commission of Thefts.”
Here is the rundown on the other arrests – Officer Lopez responded to Whataburger after it was reported that two adult males were fighting in the restaurant. Both were cited for disorderly conduct and released. If I go to Whataburger it is to eat, not fight. This wouldn’t have happened if everybody followed my lead.
Ofc. Guzman had three arrests in one night, good job Joey! The first two were on a traffic stop; both the driver and passenger had warrants out of Bexar Co. The warrants included prostitution (enhanced), felony criminal mischief and domestic violence. It’s always nice to take two to jail for the price of one. Ofc. Guzman barely got back from the jail when he got a call to the H.E.B. C-Store for a man harassing customers. When Guzman tried to identify him he provided false info. During an attempt to detain him he broke away from the officer and had to be tackled in the doorway. He got a trip to jail. If I had to chase the guy into the store I would have most likely stopped by the ICEE machine first and then continued my hot pursuit.
We closed out the week with an arrest for narcotics at the Whataburger; Officers Lopez and Diaz were dispatched for a report of a man “selling drugs.” The end result was the recovery of marijuana, meth and heroin. It appears he carried a full line of illegal drugs, a “one stop shop” I guess you could say. The fellow got a trip to the Atascosa Co. Jail.
Officer Uvaldo Ramirez has resigned. He has worked as a full-time officer, part-time officer and primarily as a reserve officer having served with us for almost 13 years. He is “retiring” from police work so he will have more time to spend with his family. He teaches public school at an inner-city district in San Antonio as his “day” job. We will miss him but I also understand that sometimes you have to make choices based on what’s best for your situation and family. I commend him for his dedication not only to the Lytle P.D. for all those years but also for his commitment to teaching.
I’m sure we will spend much of this week doing paperwork on these arrests, that’s just how it works. Maybe we can still have a nice slow summer but after last week I’m not going to bet on it.