Shop Devine First

Black Creek has been blessed with a lotta rain lately…as has Yancey and Moore and everywhere in between. Been in a contest with Billy Grote in Moore for braggin rights to the rain totals. In the last 35 days, we have gotten 10.4 inches of rain bringing our 2023 number up to 14.8. Took us all the way to October 17th last year to get to this number.
The last column was a little short so I’ll try to include it in this entry.
Regarding the National Budget and the Debt Ceiling, I think we need to sent a few Medina County elected officials to Washington and show them how to not only balance a budget but build reserves to a point where we never have to increase the Debt Ceiling ever again.
The US is in debt so far that our great grandchildren will be shouldered with an unfathomable debt that will never be reconciled.
Not gonna steal anybody’s thunder but, the City Council meeting on June 20th will be very interesting. Please plan to attend.
I see a lotta “Shop Devine First” signs out. Great idea. Just remember, there are other locations to shop besides Walmart. There is a pharmacy located in downtown where the other one used to be and that is where I get all my medicines. Very nice Pharmacist who is trying to make it in a small town…be nice to help him out if you can. You don’t have to wait for a checker to come back from break or check yourself out.
A 2023 Notices of Appraisal are out!! Even though my school and County taxes are frozen I gotta vent. My Structures and Improvement value increased $24,470 even though there were NO improvements to anything on our place. Our Market Value of Land increased $74,400 to total a $98,870 increase from last year. Even with the exemptions plugged in, the 2023 Taxable Value is still $23,000 more than 2022. I have already filed my Protest.
Phil McAnelly put out his Sunday School information a couple Saturdays ago that included a short story about his youth that included items like stock tanks, cypress cisterns, slingshots and homemade fishin poles. Brought back a lotta good memories. Bad memories would include warm cow patties, stickers, mad mama hens and cactus.