Crab King

We spent a few days at the beach last week, and it was the best. I love listening to those waves. While my favorite part was relaxing, Tucker’s favorite part was by far, spotlighting and chasing down sand crabs every night. He’s gotten to be a big brave boy, and surprised us all when he picked up a good size sand crab himself. Last year he liked chasing them, but ended up just dancing around when it came time to reach down and pick it up.
It was a lot of fun. Cousin Audrey went with us too, and enjoyed yelling “Crab alert! Crab alert!” every time she spotted one. But when they got too close, she bear hugged big cousin A’Dell’s leg and climbed halfway up it until the crab was captured. It was too cute.
At one point, we spotlighted two crabs standing just a foot apart. Grandpa asked, “Which one you gonna catch?” Tucker quickly replied, “Both!”
And as we started laughing, sure enough he busted a move and caught two crabs at once, one with each hand.
My sisters built the most immaculate sand castle of all, with a little wooden bridge, and on Thursday evening there was a beautiful sunset and a full moon reflecting on the ocean. It was one of the prettiest shows I’ve ever seen.
The beach is such a refreshing place. I often wonder how those waves rolling in and out can do such wonders for me. Turns out that somewhere between 50-70% of earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean, maybe that’s why it’s so dang refreshing to breathe that ocean breeze.
Just another great excuse to go get your crab on!