Sheriff applauds quick actions of school staff after janitor sees woman with gun near school in D’Hanis

The Medina County Sheriff’s office received an alarming report of a person walking with a long rifle near the school in D’Hanis last Friday afternoon. A thorough investigation led to discovery of the suspect and one un-related arrest warrant for a stolen firearm at the same residence.
Even though the suspect’s weapon turned out to be a bb/pellet gun, he applauded the quick action taken by school staff.
“Everyone did just as they should,” Sheriff Randy Brown said after completing a thorough investigation. “The janitor saw a woman walking with a long rifle-like gun near the school and the school went into lockdown quickly as the principal contacted us. Our investigation led us to identifying the probable person and the gun.”
“The gun turned out to be a long bb/pellet gun, but looks similar to an AR rifle,” Sheriff Brown said. “While there, we noticed there were other guns at the residence. We ended up executing a search warrant at the residence, which is owned by a man who is a convicted felon, and one of those firearms was reported stolen.”
“The woman who was reported walking with the bb/pellet gun did not commit a crime, however, the man who owns the home will face charges for the stolen firearm in the home,” Sheriff Brown said.
The woman told investigators she was just walking from one house to another.