Shark Week at my house

Well we decided that maybe the reason baby Tucker stopped sleeping well is his tummy wasn’t getting quite full enough, so I fed him cereal for the first time last week. Well, some of it got in his mouth. I’m not sure if I fed him or if he fed me more. Baby cereal was flying everywhere with the way he wails his arms around impatiently while I tried to guide the spoon to his mouth.
This isn’t my first baby, but I have certainly forgotten the difficulty and messiness of feeding babies. He’s teething too which is also lots of fun. He goes from laying around lazily to teething mode in a matter of seconds, faster than I can react. He reaches and grabs hold of a bottle, blanket, finger, my shoulder, or anything that’s nearby and he just chomps down on it hard….He looks just like a shark the way he jerks his head around so quickly and chomps down on whatever he can get his hands on. I don’t know why they call it teething. It’s really much more ferocious than it sounds!
He’s a hair-puller too, which his little sister is not too fond of. She loves to hold baby brother, but she screams her head off when he gets a good grip on her little blonde locks. They say that your kids give you gray hair, but mine just seem to like pulling it out all together!
Well, talk to you next week. Hope I still have all my fingers! And hair!