Paws of Summer fundraiser July 21

We are still rolling along…..this past week we had 58 calls for service and conducted 25 traffic stops. Citations were given on 19 of those occasions, with 11 receiving warnings. While the heat is unbearable at times the criminal activity is at least manageable. We haven’t had any big crime sprees or wild incidents. It looks like everybody around here is enjoying the summer.
On the property crime side we had two reports this past week. A fellow was fueling up his vehicle (a 1999 Ford Explorer) at HEB, he left his keys in the car and went inside. Somebody decided to help themselves to a free ride and took off. The vehicle was discovered abandoned just inside Bexar County about 12 hours later. Gas is a little on the high side so I guess if you are going to steal a vehicle that is one way to make sure you at least have a full tank. A resident of FM 2790 N. was given an old refrigerator by a neighbor and somebody helped themselves to it. It wasn’t close to the road or anything…..thieves in action.
No adult arrests this past week, we did cite a juvenile for curfew violation and also processed and detained a 15 year old male on a felony offense.
Last week at the city council meeting I was able to recognize our very own Capt. Frank J. Reyes for completing 20 years of full-time service with the City of Lytle. I believe he is one of only a handful of employees to ever reach that mark. It seems like just yesterday I was working on his background investigation when he applied, where did all those years go? He also joins the elite club of those that have worked with me for 20 years, he describes working with me as a “true blessing” or something along those lines.
I can’t believe it is already time for the annual Paws of Summer animal control fundraiser. This year the theme is “Mardi Paws w/ a Twist”, they always have some catchy theme but I don’t really pay much attention to it. I stick to the basics in giving it a 5 Star rating. It’s inside (Air Conditioning!), good food, free admission, free parking and clean restrooms. So mark your calendar for Saturday, July 21, I think they open the doors at 5. They advertise that the Lytle Community Center will turn into the French Quarter, I’ll be there to keep it under control.