Sanchez wins 3 minute shopping spree

Ruby Sanchez won a 3 minute shopping spree at Food King in Devine courtesy of her employer Devine Health and Rehab as part of a employee incentive program they did during a six week period during the covid pandemic. Sanchez raced through the aisles loading grocery baskets for 3 minutes as several staff members cheered, photographed and videotaped the fun event.
Sanchez works in housekeeping and was the winner drawn honoring her days of devotion to the patients during this time of crisis. Each employee had the chance to win tickets to be in the drawing.
She anxiously awaited her moment to start at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, March 9, 2021 surrounded by co-workers and store employees. The first items she darted for were in aisle 5 for her 3 year old son Noel’s favorite juices and juice bottles with character tops! He also loves jello, meat/cheese snack packs and chips so she managed to get plenty of those too. She hit the juice aisle first, then the brownies and snacks, cheeses, meats, chips, pizza and all kinds of goodies along the way!
She was able to leave the baskets as she filled them up and grab a new one.
“Wow that was a lot of fun she said as she tried to catch her breath after running through the store filling up baskets. Whatever plan I had just went out the window after I started. It was just hurry up and get what you can along the way, but it was fun. I appreciate all the help and the opportunity”, said Sanchez.
Sanchez took photos afterwards with the baskets of food and friends as they shot confetti in celebration over her. All in all it was a fun morning and a wonderful way of giving back to someone on the front lines.
All in all she was able to put $657.78 worth of food items in five baskets and her employer picked up the tab.
Her sister was standing by to help her load up and take the groceries home.
Helping her with baskets and filming were fellow Devine Health and Rehab employees Shelley Cuellar- Housekeeping Supervisor, Stephanie Crella- Medical Records, Christina Ortiz- Activity Director, and Pamela Wells, Administrator.
By Kathleen Calame