S.B. 1 oughta curdle your milk

Spent the good part of a weekend CLEANING (not just washing) vehicles, hopin to make it rain. Got enough rain to really mess up the finished product. Bill Bain said he got 1.5 inches in town and little brother in La Vernia got over 5 inches. Guess that qualifies as scattered showers.
The Medina County Historical Commission was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for their efforts in keeping Medina County History alive. Congratulations to Bob Hancock and his dedicated crew..
Each of the four Commissioners submitted their Annual Road Reports as required by the Texas Transportation Code. These reports include improvements and repairs made, condition of road surface and the projected cost of bringing roads up to “Good” status. We’ve re-paved and improved quite a few roads in the past 7 years but, there are still those that need improvement. Seems it is a never ending cycle. Our share of the tax money allocated to road repair is the smallest percentage of all 4 Precincts but, we do the best with what we got.
Got a report e-mail style from our TAC (Texas Association of Counties) attorney concerning Senate Bill 1. I’m gonna reprint it verbatim because I would not be able to put it in my own words without adding some colorful language and verbena is a flower..Here goes:
“Attatched please find the relevant section from S.B. 1, the State Budget Act, that requires an increase of 13.81% in school property taxes during the next two years. The second sentence under “Formula Funding” reads as follows: “Property values, and the estimates of local tax collections on which they are based, shall be increased by 7.04 percent for tax year 2017 and by 6.77 percent for tax year 2018.” These school tax increases are necessary to balance the state budget because the Senate refused to address public education finance reform and use the Rainy Day Fund to meet increased enrollment costs as proposed by the House of Representatives. This increase of 13.81% over two years will be forced on local school districts through the state audit of local property values on the appraisal roll. S.B.1 reduces the state support of public education to 38%, increasing the local school property tax share to cover the additional 80,000 children that must be educated. This increase will be compelled without any hearings or opportunity for petition or rollback relief. It would require a 40% increase in county taxes to equal this state-mandated school tax increase.”
That oughta curdle your milk. Maybe the tax paying, property owning, working class, voting CITIZENS should complain about S.B.1 as much as the folks complaining about S.B.4 or, we could remove the supporters of this bill from office next election. Seems the cloud of crap surrounding the media spin off of S.B.4 and its opponents get more attention. End of rant.
Call me (210 244-3413) after hours or the office (830 665-8015) between 8 AM and 4:30 PM if you have tires to dispose of, to make sure someone is on site to show you where to put them.
You can’t talk American History without mentioning the injustice done to the American Indians and you can’t talk about the history of Baseball without devoting a lot of time to Pete Rose and the injustice he is being dealt. Just talked to Ernie Kroger from Lytle and he agrees with me and Miss Bobbie Dubose that Pete Rose should be in the main entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame. My campaign is gaining local support, just gotta get those high and mighty blockheads to agree.