Roaring and rainbows

Baby Tucker is into dinosaurs right now so “Roarrrrrrrr! I’m gonna eat you!” is often the first thing I hear in the morning, along with a sweet little smile and an “I wuv you mommy!”
Thankfully, he has learned how to “play bite” instead of really biting me T-REX style!
On our relaxing Sunday, I got the bright idea to start a project. It was fun, but my back feels it. A’Dell and I brought new life into an old filing cabinet that was out in the field and turned into a giant toy chest. Better than that, we decided to paint it first. We turned it into a giant toy box, so I asked A’Dell what colors she’d like to paint it. She chose “Rainbow”, so it’s totally bright and beautiful with a big mural in progress on the side of the cabinet.
The project wasn’t as fun for poor daddy–the heavy lifter of the family. There were quite a few grumbles and a lot of stomping as he fought with it down the hallway, but he dutifully did it for us. He smashed his shin and toe but got to buy a new tractor the next day so I think he’s in pretty good spirits now. It’s all Rainbows and Roarrrrring around here!